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Shared Out

I joined Twitter on July 17, 2006. I’m user #1888. I took a photo of Kevin and Mike as they were trying to keep their servers up on the first day of Instagram’s public launch (note: both have upgraded their wardrobes since). I used it when it was called Burbn. I didn’t go to an Ivy League school so I couldn’t be on the cusp of Facebook’s launch, but I knew about it at the time. I was there.

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Building a Wearable

A long time ago an ex-girlfriend and I tried to learn morse code so we could have side-conversations while holding hands in public. Turns out I’m not good at that kind of signal processing task, but the idea of micro-languages stuck with me. Maybe one hand squeeze means “let’s begin a conversation”, two means “I need a stronger drink”, and three says “let’s bail on this party”.

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